Technical support

Support on key activities within the BIM process is provided here in the form of a number of expert articles.

Stephen Hamil
updated 30th April 2019

An introduction to the Toolkit

By Dr Stephen Hamil

Article from Stephen Hamil, Innovation Director at NBS. Stephen looks at how the Toolkit can be used on a project that is working to BIM ISO 19650...

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Rob Manning
8th April 2015

The level-2 BIM package

By Rob Manning

Around the world, there are many definitions of what BIM is. In the UK, the Government has been very clear in terms of what they consider the levels of BIM maturity. In this article, Rob Manning from the UK ...

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Project image
updated 7th May 2015

Levels of definition

By Alistair Kell and Stefan Mordue

To define information delivery a reference library of definitions is required. Levels of definition may be either described in terms of geometry (levels of detail) or information requirements (levels of information)...

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Project image
updated 5th August 2019


By Sarah Delany

Uniclass2015 is a unified classification for the UK industry covering all construction sectors. It contains consistent tables classifying items of all scale from a facility such as a railway down through to products such as ...

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Lee Jones
Updated 30th April 2019

Product Data Templates for Manufacturers

By Lee Jones

Since April 2015, over 5,700 Product Data Templates have been available from the NBS BIM Toolkit. These templates contain a standard set of headings that are specific to different product types...

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Alan Smith
Updated 6th April 2016

For software developers

By Alan Smith

The data within the BIM Toolkit is documented to a common schema and API access to this information is available. In this article, NBS Labs Manager Alan Smith introduces software developers to these capabilities.

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Hugh Boyes and Alexandra Luck
5th November 2015

Security-minded BIM

By Hugh Boyes & Alexandra Luck

Being security-minded is not about inhibiting collaboration, but instead adopting an appropriate, proportionate, need-to-know approach to the sharing and publication of data and information in order to deter...

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