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The BIM Toolkit allows the administrator of a project to invite other team members to access the project as ‘contributors’. Contributors may not edit the main items in the plan of work, but they do receive web-access to the project and can post comments against tasks and deliverables. This allows the digital plan of work to become a reference source that can be used by each member of a collaborative project team on a daily basis. For more information on commenting see our Comments support page.

How do I join a project?

To join a project you must first be invited by the project's administrator. You must accept the invite before you are able to view the project, you can do this in one of two ways.

Accepting an invite from email

Once invited by an administrator, the user will receive an email invitation to the project. To accept the invitation, simply click the "View this project" link on the email, this will open the toolkit website in your default browser. From here you will be required to sign in with your NBS user account or create a new account. Once signed in the project will appear in your Contributor list in "My Projects"

Accepting an invite via email

Note: If you have been invited to a project with one email address, but you already have an NBS account with a different email address, you can sign in with your existing NBS user account and will gain access to the project with that email address instead.

Accepting an invite from within the toolkit

An additional way to accept an invite is through the toolkit itself.

  • Step 1: Sign into the toolkit and click the "Projects" link on the top navigation bar. Project link in the header bar
  • Step 2: Under the welcome message, select the notifications button. If you have a notification you will see a number on the top left of the button.

    Invite notification
  • Step 3: Click the green tick icon to accept or the red cross icon to decline an invite. Accepting an invite via toolkit
  • Step 4: Once accepted, if you wish to view the project now, you can select the "Open" button which is shown in place of the previous accept/decline buttons. The project will now also be available from your "My Projects" page in the Contributor list when you sign into the toolkit. Open project

Do I need an NBS account to join a project?

Yes. You will need an NBS user account to gain access to a project. On clicking the email invitation link you will be prompted to register if you do not already have an existing account.

How do I contact the admin of a project?

To contact the project admin you can click the “Contact Admin” button in the contributor bar. This bar is shown on all workstages within the tool.

Contributor bar

Clicking the “Contact Admin” button will open an email window with the admin’s email address and the subject pre-populated for you.

Contacting an admin

How do I view all members of the project?

You can view the list of members in the project by clicking the “Participants” button on the top left of the page. This shows you a list of everyone that has been invited to the project and their current status.

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