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Navigating around the viewer

Viewing controls

Viewing controls - orbit Orbit
Hold the left mouse button and drag to rotate the 3D model.
Viewing controls - free orbit Free orbit
Hold the left mouse button and drag in any direction to rotate and tilt the model.
Viewing controls - pan Pan
Hold the left mouse button and drag to move the camera around the model.
Viewing controls - zoom Zoom
  • Hold the left mouse button and drag up or down to zoom in and out
  • Use your mouse's scroll wheel to zoom in or out
  • Double click an item in the model to zoom
Viewing controls - first person First person
Use the First Person tool when you want to navigate through a model as if you were actually inside the model.
  • You can use the up, down, left and right arrows to move
  • Or the WASD and QE keys. Use Shift to ‘run’, adjust walk speed with +/-
Viewing controls - camera roll Camera roll
Rotate the camera.
Viewing controls - focal length Focal length
Change the focal length of the camera.
Viewing controls - fit to view Fit to view
Fit the camera to the view.
Viewing controls - add z-plane Add Z-plane
Cross-section the model on the Z axis.
Viewing controls - add y-plane Add Y-plane
Cross-section the model on the Y axis.
Viewing controls - add x-plane Add X-plane
Cross-section the model on the X axis.
Viewing controls - measure Measure
Select the Measure option. Click where you want to measure from. Click again at the point that you want to measure to. The measurement is displayed in the Measure pane.
Viewing controls - explode model Explode model
Select to take apart a design and see the parts that make up the model.

Drag the slider forward to separate the parts. Drag the slider back to bring the model back together.

Viewing controls - model browser Model browser
View the hierarchy of objects within the model.
Viewing controls - properties Properties
View properties of a selected object.
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