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NBS online viewer

What is the NBS online viewer?

The NBS online viewer allows a linked model and specification to be uploaded the web so that the project team can benefit from viewing coordinated specification and 3D model using a modern web browser.

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Introducing the NBS online viewer
This article introduces some new public beta functionality that allows models and specifications to be uploaded and viewed from the context of a project within the NBS BIM Toolkit. We’re hoping that this new functionality will be well received by NBS users within their existing BIM workflows.

NBS Online Viewer - Welcome to the open beta
We would like your feedback on our delivery of this potential addition to the NBS BIM Toolkit.

Browser compatibility

The NBS online viewer requires a WebGL-canvas compatible browser:

  • Chrome 50+
  • Firefox 45+
  • Opera 37+
  • Safari 9+
  • Microsoft Edge 20+
  • Internet Explorer 11

Accessing the viewer

To access the viewer, open up your project in the BIM Toolkit and click the 'Model' button:

Accessing the viewer

Accessing the NBS online viewer

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