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Supported browsers

The NBS BIM Toolkit website is supported by the current releases of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari (Mac version only). In order to get the best user experience from the NBS BIM Toolkit, please upgrade to the latest versions of any of these browsers.

Internet Explorer Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Apple Safari

Note: The NBS BIM Toolkit is also supported by Internet Explorer versions 10 and 9.

The NBS BIM Toolkit has been designed to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. From desktop computers to tablet and mobile phones the website will act responsively to give the best experience on the viewport.

On a mobile device the toolkit will operate in read only, meaning you can view existing projects but not edit or create a new project. An example of the stage details in desktop and mobile view is shown below.

Stage details in desktop view. Stage details in mobile view.

Notice in mobile view, the stage details becomes read only.

Other Requirements

Irrespective of your browser choice, you must have JavaScript and Cookies enabled in your browser for the website to function correctly. Please read your browsers' help instructions for details on how to enable these settings if they are switched off.

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